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This is for you if

  • You want an expert in spatial planning and creating 'wow' moments in your space to be involved with the design of your interiors

  • You want a specialised second opinion on your architects' layout if you feel they may have missed the mark

  • You would like a clearer understanding of the floorplans, finishes and joinery being presented to you by an architect, designer or developer

  • You have purchased or are considering purchasing off-plan and would like to change the layout, finishes or joinery to better accommodate your needs

What we provide

  • We review the current layouts and how the current floor plan came to be, understand your pain points and determine the extent of Patina Design Studios' involvement in your project

  • Ideas and advice on areas that present a design challenge or are not currently working for you

  • Ideas on how to incorporate appropriate joinery and furniture

  • Negotiating changes and their impacts with the architect, builder or developer

  • The option to continue working with Patina Design Studio after we have resolved your layout concerns 


An audit of your floor plan layout, arguably the most critical part of the design to get right.



We meet to look at your layout and how the current floor plan came to be, understand your pain points, and determine the extent of Patina Design Studios' involvement in your project


The team at Patina Design Studio review and suggest changes based on our meeting and the information provided.


We meet again to present our proposed changes to you, gain feedback and help you communicate these with your building team.



Consult $1200 then a custom fee based on your requirements.

*There may be an additional fee for travel more than 15km from our office.

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