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Full Service Design

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We dream, design and execute the details for you.

From developing concepts and initial ideas, through design management, procurement and logistics to delivering your project installed, styled and ready to use. This end-to-end service is our signature offering for new-build and renovation projects.

To ensure the perfect result for our clients, we adhere to a carefully curated process.

It begins with discovery, where we listen intently to your desires, dreams, and pain points. From there, our team of visionary designers embarks on an ideation phase, where inspiration takes shape, merging your aspirations with our expertise. Finally, our dedicated project management ensures a seamless execution, allowing your vision to become a breathtaking reality.

This is for you if

  • You want something completely unique and tailored to you.

  • You want a custom-designed space that reflects your style and personality whilst also being functional and practical.​

  • You want our team to oversee the details and provide you with regular progress updates, so you don’t have to be constantly available to visit site.​

  • You want our team to collaborate with other professionals you may engage for this project, such as builders, town planners, architects, landscapers, engineers, etc.​

  • You want turn-key service so you don’t spend months after moving in trying to get organised.


What we provide

  • Consultation: Personalised consultation to refine style, scope, budget and timeline.

  • Custom Lifestyle Design: Detailed, lifestyle-driven space design reflecting your personality and style.

  • Turn-Key Approach: Comprehensive end-to-end service for a hassle-free experience.

  • Curation, Sourcing and Procurement: Sourcing and procuring of finishes, appliances, plumbing, hardware, furniture, artwork, and accessories.

  • Bespoke Designed and Made Furniture and Joinery: We create unique, custom-designed furniture and joinery that perfectly align with your space's function and aesthetics.

  • Effective Communication: Clear instructions and communication with trades throughout the process.

  • Client Advocacy: Dedicated representation on-site during construction to ensure your interests are protected.

  • Problem Solving: Expertise in addressing and resolving design issues on your behalf.

  • Stress-Free Installation: Professional furniture installation and styling post-construction.

  • Seamless Move-In: Going the extra mile by unpacking your first grocery delivery for a ready-to-live-in experience.

Client Experience


2+ weeks

We discuss the goals and aspirations for your project and create a detailed design proposal and fee estimate. We gain your approval of the overall look, feel and spatial planning for each space. We also consult with the execution team for preliminary costs and timeframes.​


1. Consultation 

2. Briefing, concept, and schematic design 

3. Project team site visit and introductions


12+ weeks

We develop our design and refine all the details including layouts, joinery, finishes, lighting, hardware, furniture, and soft furnishings. We meet with you to present the design, costs and timeframes.


 ​4. Design development​

 5. Documentation

 6. Tender and estimation

Design Execution

Dependant on construction schedule.


We oversee construction and renovation work, order furniture, manage installation logistics and ensure your space is perfectly styled and ready for everyday life before you move in.​ 

 7. Design project management

 8. Client handover

 9. Follow up

To gain the most value from this service, engage Patina Design Studio as your initial/lead consultant when planning your project.
We'll assemble the right team for your needs.

Alternatively, engage us after the architect's first draft of the floor plan is ready.


Consultation $1200 then a custom fee based on your requirements

*There may be an additional fee for travel more than 15km from Dover Heights our office.


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