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Patina Design Studio floor plan
Patina Design Studio _ Sofa Options

At Patina Design Studio, we proudly offer a comprehensive turn-key furnishing service meticulously tailored to your lifestyle needs.


Our process begins with crafting the ideal layout and sourcing the perfect furniture, which may include bespoke pieces designed in-house.


Leveraging our strong relationships with esteemed suppliers, manufacturers, and logistics partners, both locally and internationally, we deliver a stress-free, turn-key, move-in-ready experience.

This is for you if

  • You're looking for a stress-free and professional approach to furnishing your home, with an emphasis on quality and aesthetics.

  • You value furniture and design that is thoughtfully curated to match your lifestyle, including suitability, durability and maintenance

  • You prefer a turn-key furnishing service that takes care of every detail

  • You are moving into a new home, and your current furniture doesn't align with the aesthetics, dimensions or scale of the new space

  • You appreciate bespoke furniture pieces and seek a unique, personalised touch for your home.

  • Your space has a challenging floor plan, and you're looking to optimise its functionality and flow


What we provide

  • Bespoke designed and custom made pieces: We create unique, custom-designed furniture and items that perfectly align with your space's function and aesthetics.

  • Sourcing, Specifying, and Procurement: We handle the entire process, from sourcing to specifying, and procuring all required items. Our logistics planning aims to minimize disruption, with items arriving within days of each other.

  • Curating Layers of Warmth and Personalisation: We go beyond furniture, curating all the layers that make a space feel warm and personalised. This includes artwork, accessories, rugs, and lighting to enhance the overall ambiance.

  • Turn-key approach: No organising installers and unpacking boxes for you. We hand over the space back to you ready to be lived in.

Client Experience

1 Layout and spending allocation

Together, we'll determine priorities and create a thoughtful spending plan, ensuring every dollar spent enhances your lifestyle and the aesthetic of your space.

2 Design, sourcing and curating

With your input as our guide, we meticulously source and curate every element, from furniture and materials to artwork and lighting. Our approach is rooted in attention to detail, ensuring that every piece harmonises with the overall design vision and craft unique, bespoke pieces to infuse your space with character and warmth as well as functionality and purpose.

3 Procurement, installation and styling

We handle all procurement logistics, ensuring items arrive promptly. Our team orchestrates a white-glove installation, placing each piece with care and styling the space to perfection, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

To truly maximise the value of this service and allow us to provide access to the broadest array of options with a seamless installation, we strongly advise engaging Patina Design Studio at least 8-10 months before your desired installation date.

Within this timeframe, we can attentively design, source, obtain samples, and align with the lead times and delivery schedules of most manufacturers, including those offering unique pieces from overseas. This strategic approach ensures your space is expertly tailored and impeccably executed with the least amount of stress.


Consultation $1200 then a custom fee based on your requirements

*There may be an additional fee for travel more than 15km from our Dover Heights office.


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