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At Patina Design Studio, every project begins with a consultation.

This dedicated time allows us to understand your space and vision, ensuring an exceptional journey with us. Through immersive exploration, we delve into the heart of your home, comprehending its layout and uncovering any challenges. This process provides invaluable insights that guide our creative journey.

During the consultation, you'll receive up to 2 hours of focused attention from our team.

We thoroughly review your space and ideas, gaining a clear understanding of your desires and aspirations. We grasp your functional and lifestyle needs and carefully assess your ideas, adding our own initial thoughts and offering detailed advice to shape your vision into a tangible plan.

With our collaborative approach, we create an itemised design brief, providing a clear project direction. This comprehensive document empowers you to evaluate options and make informed decisions about the next steps.

Consultation $1200 then a custom fee based on your requirements.

*There may be an additional fee for travel more than 15km from our  Dover Heights office.

Contact us for a free 15 minute discovery call or to book in your consultation.

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Sydney, Australia

Office Hours

9:00-5:30   Mon-Fri

02 8357 4890 

Thank you, we will be in touch soon

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"uncommon, remarkable and much appreciated"


"Your contribution has been invaluable. Your responsiveness to the project's needs is uncommon, remarkable and much appreciated. We want you to be part of the core team for our next project."    -  Martin Tabachnik

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