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Vaucluse Residence

Project type

Renovation residential

Service type

Full Service Design


Encompassing the full spectrum of design services, from conceptualisation to execution, with a keen focus on delivering a luxurious and harmonious living space for our client.

We worked closely with the client to create a personalised design that reflected their unique style and cater to their lifestyle.

We curated a selection of high-quality furniture pieces and accessories to enhance the overall aesthetic and comfort of the home.

We meticulously styled each room, paying attention to every detail to create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

Design Project Management:
We provided comprehensive project management services, overseeing the build to make sure what we had designed was implemented as intended and were on hand to solve unforeseen challenges that occurred.

Organize Installers, Packers, Removalists, Cleaners, Unpackers:
We took care of coordinating and managing the various professionals involved with moving the clients into their freshly completed home, including installers, packers, removalists, cleaners, and unpackers. This ensured a smooth and efficient move in day for our clients where each space was ready to be lived in, including a pantry and fridge full of groceries.


Vaucluse, Sydney, Australia


Alisha Gore Photography

The design brief began as a furnishing endeavour but evolved into a renovation when we recognized the potential for improvement during our consultation. Our clients sought a home that would blend sophistication with a casual atmosphere, suitable for their growing young family while avoiding a preschool-like aesthetic. The objective was to create versatile spaces that could adapt as the children grew, enhancing circulation, functionality, and overall experience. Introducing colour, warmth, and abundant natural light were essential to the design.

Considering the clients' profile as young professionals with a passion for art, extensive travel, and a close-knit extended family, our goal was to design a space that catered to their lifestyle, providing an inviting environment for entertaining and making lasting memories.

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