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Dover Heights Duplex

Project type

New- build residential

Service Type

Layout Assessment which developed into Full Service Design


Our role encompassed comprehensive design management and ensuring that every aspect of the project met high standards of quality and aesthetics.

Improved spatial planning:
We worked on optimising the floor plan layout to enhance space utilisation and maximise functionality and storage.

Interior architecture:
Creating a cohesive and visually pleasing design that harmonised with the overall aesthetic of the architecture and manipulated ceilings, walls and joinery to make narrow spaces feel wider.

Interior design:
We curated and selected high-end finishes, materials, and furnishings to elevate the luxury and sophistication of the properties.

Design management and quality assurance during construction:
We oversaw the construction process, ensuring that the design intent was implemented and that quality was maintained throughout.

Facilitated sale alongside real estate agent:
We collaborated with the real estate agents to showcase the unique features and selling points of the properties, interacted with potential buyers and facilitating the property sales at a premium price.

Spatial planning:
We strategically planned and organized the spaces within the homes to optimize flow, functionality, and visual appeal.

We carefully selected, specified and customised finishes such as flooring, wall treatments, and lighting fixtures to create a luxurious and cohesive design scheme.

We designed bespoke joinery elements, including built-in bars, media fireplaces, wardrobes, vanities and cabinetry, to enhance, aesthetics, and functionality within the homes.


Dover Heights, Sydney, Australia


Simon Whitbread Photography

The design brief called for unique and distinctive homes that stood out from typical developments. Our goal was to achieve a higher-range sale price by incorporating high-end features and finishes throughout the properties.

Despite the challenges of a narrow site, our focus was on optimising layout and circulation for maximum space and functionality. We seamlessly integrated bespoke elements like a built-in bar, fire place, drop-down TV, and additional vanities in the main bedroom ensuites.

The result is a design that embodies elegance, functionality, and meticulous attention to detail, creating a sense of individuality that sets these homes apart from conventional developments, and ultimately contributing to the successful sale of both properties at a premium price.

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